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China & Israel venture beyond the Ivory Tower

 China & Israel venture beyond the Ivory Tower

Tel Aviv University (TAU), in collaboration with Tsinghua University, held the first annual China-Israel Innovation Forum (CIIF) in Beijing on September 1st and 2nd, 2016.

The forum aims to create an open, cooperative, and leading platform for academia, government, and industry – both from China and Israel – to explore the latest technological developments and university-driven innovations.


Forum sessions featured think-tank analysis of topics including the innovative economy, globalization, cyber-security and policy, and the Internet of Things.

"The China-Israel Innovation forum marks a new stage in closer collaboration between our two countries in various fields centered on innovation. Universities must shoulder their responsibilities in cultivating innovative talent capable of tackling global challenges. This is why we at Tsinghua have devoted much effort to education in innovation," said Tsinghua President Qiu.

"The China-Israel Innovation forum is a vital step in the right direction. Through the power of partnership and collaboration, we can take life-changing innovations from the lab to the marketplace, and bring university discoveries to civil society," said TAU President Prof. Joseph Klafter.

By bringing together the leaders of China and Israel's private, public, and academic sectors under one roof for the first time ever, this forum helps turn promise into possibility, and ideas into reality.

(From Office of Global Communications and Outreach)