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Tsinghua Launches 110th Anniversary Logo

Tsinghua Launches 110th Anniversary Logo

On September 1st, Tsinghua University released a commemorative logo for its 110th anniversary, to be celebrated in 2021. The years “1911-2021” featured in the logo highlight the University’s founding year and anniversary year.

The creativity of the logo originates from a geometric figure of concentric and progressive squares and circles. The straight lines represent an upward ladder and flipped pages, symbolizing the continuous climbing of scientific peaks and the pursuit of academic paths. These elements reflect the profound culture of Tsinghua University. The year 2021 is the 110th anniversary of the founding of Tsinghua University and also the first ten years of Tsinghua’s second hundred years. The “110” in the logo symbolizes this concept and reflects the fact that Tsinghua people have inherited fine traditions, have explored and innovated bravely and have striven to open a new chapter in Tsinghua’s second hundred years, which is manifested in the 110th anniversary theme “Strive for Excellence, Innovate for the Future”.

The logo uses the number "110" as the basic form and lines as the main expressive technique. Two of the “1” figures are composed of 11 lines - graded from thin to thick, rising from low to high, highlight the theme of Tsinghua University’s celebration of its 110th anniversary. The three concentric circles around the “0” give the logo a harmonious combination of squares and circles. The University emblem cleverly embedded inside the “0” has made the logo recognizable and unique. The logo adopts the University's theme color – purple – and incorporates a gradient design, which not only creates a grand and majestic atmosphere, but also reflects lively and vivid visual effects.

By Liu Shutian, Feng Zheying
Editors: Li Han, Cassandra Ler, John Olbrich