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Opening Ceremony of Zhang Ding’s Centennial Birth Exhibition held at Tsinghua University Art Museum

Opening Ceremony of Zhang Ding’s Centennial Birth Exhibition held at Tsinghua University Art Museum

On October 15th, the opening ceremony of Zhang Ding’s Centennial Birth Exhibition was held in the hall of Tsinghua University Art Museum. Those in attendance and who delivered speeches included Professor Qiu Yong, the President of Tsinghua University, Professor Feng Yuan, the Vice President of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and curator of Tsinghua University Art Museum, Mr. Xu Li, Vice President of the China Artists Association, Professor Chang Shana, the former Dean of the former Central Academy of Craft Art, and Mrs.

Lizhao, the widow of Professor Zhang Ding. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Lu Xiaobo, Dean of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.

President Qiu stated that Prof. Zhang Ding was an outstanding revolutionary artist and art educator, and an indispensable figure in China’s modern art history. He founded and pioneered the education of art and design in modern China and made great contributions in many art fields. Professor Zhang Ding cultivated numerous art talents, and won respect from teachers, students, artists, and the public alike.

President Qiu hoped the exhibition would inspire more young people to devote themselves to an artistic career, and create works of art worthy of the spirit of our time.

The president also emphasized that cultivating talents has always been the most significant task of a university. Art plays an indispensable role in nurturing students’ integrity and establishing a humane environment. Tsinghua University would further promote the development of art and art education, and spread the spirit of the artists of the older generation to enrich students’ knowledge and elevate their taste in art.

Prof. Feng Yuan, Mr. Xu Li and Prof. Chang Shana said that works by Zhang Ding had made a great contribution in disseminating Chinese culture.

Mrs. Lizhao, the widow of Prof. Zhang, extended her appreciation to Tsinghua University for holding Zhang Ding’s Centennial Birth Exhibition. The exhibition effectively displayed her late husband’s rich artistic career. What he left behind was not only his work but also his spiritual legacy.

Throughout Prof. Zhang Ding’s life, he witnessed and experienced the various artistic trends and important events in the development of modern art in China.

He independently designed or created jointly with other people the National Emblem and the emblem of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). As a pioneer, he was the first artist to hold a traditional painting exhibition in a western country and his meeting with Picasso bridged the cultural barriers between China and the west.

Zhang’s art influenced not only a whole historic era but also the education of art and design. He was also the chief promoter in the renaissance of Chinese frescoes.

(Edited by Guo Lili, Zhu Lvhe)