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Council of Tsinghua University Art Museum Established

Council of Tsinghua University Art Museum Established

--Qiu Yong: Incorporate art education as a vital part of general education

The Council of Tsinghua University Art Museum was founded on September 10th and the first council meeting was held the same day. Qiu Yong, President of Tsinghua University, and Deng Wei, Vice Chairperson of the Tsinghua University Council, attended the meeting.

Qiu Yong delivered a speech at the meeting and spoke highly of what Tsinghua University Art Museum has achieved in the past year since its opening. The establishment of the Tsinghua University Art Museum is a milestone of great significance for liberal and art education, as well as for the cultural development of Tsinghua University as a whole, said Qiu. It also plays a pivotal role in enriching cultural life at the university, enhancing the cultivation of talents and improving cultural literacy and artistic appreciation. To further develop art education and culture, we should incorporate art education as a vital part of general education, he added.

Qiu Yong noted that we should continue to build the art museum in a more professional manner and make it a first-class world university museum in the long run.

Deng Wei announced the decision of Tsinghua University to set up the Council, as well as the list of Council members. President Qiu Yong was appointed Chairman of the Council and Deng Wei was appointed Vice Chairman. Other Council members include Feng Yuan, Du Pengfei, Zheng Li, Hao Yonghong, Yu Dingwen, Meng Qingguo, Zhang Zuo, Li Jiaqiang, Tang Jie, Wang Mingzhi, Lu Xiaobo, Hang Kan, Zhao Weiguo and Shi Jinshan. Du Pengfei also serves as Secretary General.

Tsinghua University Art Museum was officially opened to the public on September 11th, 2016, following the opening ceremony on September 10th, that same year.

 By Li Han, Guo Lili