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Chen Xu Meets Rector Luc Sels of KU Leuven

Chen Xu Meets Rector Luc Sels of KU Leuven

On the afternoon of November 19th 2019, Rector Luc Sels of KU Leuven visited Tsinghua University. The Chairperson of Tsinghua University Council Chen Xu met with Rector Luc Sels to exchange views on ongoing cooperation and opened up possibilities for a deeper partnership between the two universities.

During the exchange, Chen Xu welcomed Rector Luc Sels on his visit to Tsinghua and highlighted the many years of close relations with KU Leuven in the field of research cooperation, especially with the Department of Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics. She spoke about the potential to expand and diversify their partnerships in other fields, more notably, a stronger promotion of the double-degree program. 

Rector Luc Sels conveyed his compliments on Tsinghua’s academic achievements and global reputation. He noted that the past 10 years of collaboration had witnessed an increase in joint research and exchange in the fields of engineering and management. He was confident and eager to explore the creation of more double-degree programs in the information systems domain, and proposed a two-fold measure to stimulate doctorate studies and initiatives to connect faculty members in joint projects.

By Cassie