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Tsinghua Graduate claims high jump gold at Asian Games

Tsinghua Graduate claims high jump gold at Asian Games

Wang Yu, a graduate of Tsinghua University, won a gold medal in the men’s high jump athletics final at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 27th 2018.

(Photo from Chinanews.com)

Wang, who obtained a Master’s degree from the Tsinghua School of Social Sciences earlier this year, clinched the title with a jump of 2.30 metres, thus becoming the third Chinese athlete to claim a men’s high jump gold in the Asian Games. Wang stated that although he is very happy to have won the gold medal, he was hoping to better his own personal best of 2.33 metres.

Talking about his alma mater, Wang Yu noted that Tsinghua has a profound cultural heritage and a tradition of attaching importance to sports. Speaking about his experience at university, Wang said, “The Tsinghua spirit has helped me develop personally and my character has grown so I feel more fulfilled than before.”

Born in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, in 1991, Wang Yu showed a superior talent for sports early in his childhood. In March 2010, due to his excellent performance in Tsinghua University High School, Wang Yu qualified for a recommendation for admission to Tsinghua University. However, he did not accept the recommendation. He then took part in the national college entrance examination and was admitted to the School of Economic Management, Tsinghua University, with an excellent performance.

Wang Yu liked sports from an early age, enjoying playing badminton, golf, basketball, and swimming. He is also fond of music and reading, and watching animé. Wang started to learn high jump in his first year of high school and then became increasingly fond of the sport. “High jump enables one to continually challenge oneself,” said Wang.

Wang Yu, now aged 27, says there are two keywords which define his past ten years: Tsinghua and high jump. High jump represents his passion and Tsinghua is the place where he spent his youth, has his best memories, and was the place where he realized his dreams.

Currently, Wang Yu has joined the staff of the General Administration of Sport of China. He is now focusing on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and looks to improve whilst enjoying the sport of high jump.