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Tsinghua Faculty and Students Participate in National Day Parade

Tsinghua Faculty and Students Participate in National Day Parade

On October 1st, faculty and students from Tsinghua University marched in the National Day parade at Tiananmen Square,  celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Thien Tran Mai, a third year Vietnamese student from the School of Humanities, joined the march, following in the steps of her father and grandfather who had been part of previous national day parades at Tiananmen. She spoke about how participating made her feel a sense of contribution and patriotism. 

Nathan Diwambuena Miayiza, a Tsinghua student from the Democratic Republic of Congo, studies in the School of Economics and Management and also participated in the march today. Nathan has been living in China for seven years already and said that taking part in the parade was a very memorable experience for him. “It was so special (that) you can never forget it. It is in my mind, in my heart… We didn’t get tired. Being a foreigner and joining this team is just something incredible… I will be telling my children,” said Nathan.

Dressed in all-white performing outfits and colourful tracksuits, Tsinghua students were still in high spirits when they returned to campus from the parade. “I usually see this event on TV, but today I walked on the street myself. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity,” said Nathan.