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Chen Xu visited the University of Washington and the Global Innovation eXchange Institute

Chen Xu visited the University of Washington and the Global Innovation eXchange Institute

On October 20-21, Chen Xu, Secretary of the CPC Tsinghua Committee and Chairperson of the University Council visited the University of Washington in Seattle to further promote inter-university cooperation. She also paid a visit to the Global Innovation eXchange (GIX) Institute.

At the Global Innovation eXchange (GIX) Institute, Chen Xu listened to reports on the innovative training model of the institute by Shi Yuanchun, Dean of THU GIX Institute, and Wan Qiang, Director of THU GIX North America. She also listened to the presentations by the students on their research projects. Chen Xu noted that she believed the institute would become better with the cooperative efforts of Tsinghua University, the University of Washington and Microsoft, and with the joint support of the academia and business circles. In the maker space, the students showed their research processes and achievements to Chen Xu.

During his visit to Seattle in September of 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping presented a dawn redwood tree as a gift to GIX. This gift of the dawn redwood tree represented Xi Jinping's blessing to GIX for its future success. It is now planted in front of the GIX building. Chen Xu watered the tree.

During her visit, Chen Xu hoped that everyone would work together to promote the development of the GIX into a world-renowned institute.

On the morning of October 20, Chen Xu visited the University of Washington and held talks with President Ana Mari Cauce, and Provost and Executive Vice President Mark Richards.

During her meeting with Cauce, Chen Xu reviewed the cooperation between the two universities and the development of the GIX. She thanked Cauce for her strong support and continuous promotion of the cooperation between the two sides, and expected the two universities to cooperate in more fields besides promoting the cultural exchanges between China and the United States. Cauce welcomed Chen Xu’s visit again. She said that the University of Washington attaches great importance to the GIX program in cooperation with Tsinghua University and Microsoft, and hopes that the three parties will work together to make a better institute. They also discussed topics such as the development of the institute, the construction of multi-culturalism among students and university general education programs.

As the same day coincided with the alumni week of the University of Washington, Chen Xu was invited to attend the president’s reception. After the reception, Chen Xu and Cauce went to watch a football match in celebration of the University of Washington Anniversary Day. During the match, Chen Xu communicated with Cauce, Richards, head of PAC-12 University Sports Federation Larry Scott, among others, on the development of university sports. The two sides agreed that both Tsinghua University and the University of Washington have profound sports traditions and share the same team cooperation and fighting spirit. The exchanges in the sports field between the two universities will further promote the cultural exchanges and innovation between them.

On the morning of October 21, Chen Xu attended a symposium for Tsinghua alumni and partners in Seattle. The symposium was attended by around 20 people including Harry Shum, Microsoft Executive Vice President, and Wang Yinghai, professor at the University of Washington.

Editors: Wilson Khor, John Olbrich, Guo Lili