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The First Asian University Alliance Graduate Academic Forum held in Tsinghua University

The First Asian Universities Alliance Graduate Academic Forum held in Tsinghua University

From October 20th to 22nd, the first Asian Universities Alliance Graduate Academic Forum was held at Tsinghua University. Nearly 200 students from all 15 founding member universities in the Asian Universities Alliance, as well as over 20 leading experts in the industry and enterprises, gathered at Tsinghua University to conduct extensive academic exchanges on topics such as basic research, theoretical innovation and the industrial application of artificial intelligence. Attending the opening ceremony were Academician Zhang Bo, Chairman of the Conference, Yang Bin, Vice President of Tsinghua University, Gao Hong, Vice Provost and Director of the Office of International Education at Tsinghua University, and many other distinguished guests.

Yang Bin welcomed all graduate students from member universities of the Asian Universities Alliance on behalf of Tsinghua University, and elaborated the significance of the Alliance for the exchange and development of higher education in Asia. He encouraged the students to take full advantage of the precious opportunity to discuss the core issues and application prospects of artificial intelligence from the perspectives of different disciplines, and share the results and gains of this conference at their respective universities to boost the development of research on artificial intelligence.

The forum continued for three days, including four sub-forums and a youth roundtable conference, as well as a visit to an AI achievement exhibition. At the four sub-forums, hot topics in the era of artificial intelligence were discussed on the themes of “machine learning”, “interdisciplinary research”, “data mining” and “application of artificial intelligence”.

More than 40 young scholars in the field of artificial intelligence from over 30 countries attended the roundtable conference held during the forum. Asian young scholars conducted in-depth discussions on how to use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. During the conference, the “Asian Youth Declaration - Artificial Intelligence and the Shared Future of Mankind” was signed. The declaration called on Asian youth to join hands to promote exchange and cooperation in the various fields of artificial intelligence, to upgrade technology, improve concepts, promote the application of artificial intelligence in solving key problems facing mankind at present, promote artificial intelligence to benefit mankind, promote the building of a community of shared future, and to welcome a better new era.

The Tsinghua University “AI New Speed” AI Achievement Exhibition was also held during the forum.

The Asian Universities Alliance (AUA), founded in Beijing on 29 April 2017, is a university alliance jointly established by 15 representative universities from Asian countries on the basis of the developing trend of higher education in Asia and following a proposal by Tsinghua University. The mission of the AUA is to jointly address regional and global challenges specifically related to higher education and economic, scientific and technological development, by strengthening collaboration among member institutions.

 Editors: Edward He, Wilson Khor, John Olbrich, Guo Lili