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Opening Ceremony for New Graduate Students

Opening Ceremony for New Graduate Students

The opening ceremony for the new graduate students in 2017 was held at Tsinghua on August 30th. More than 7,400 new students, including 877 international students from 96 countries, attended the ceremony and thereby embarked on a new journey in their lives at Tsinghua.

At the opening ceremony, Tsinghua President Qiu Yong delivered the keynote speech. In his address, President Qiu Yong extended his congratulations and welcomed the students, and expressed the hope that they would take the pursuit of scholarship as a central point in their lives, and cultivate a noble character, accumulate a wealth of knowledge, defend academic morality, and initiate their own life of scholarship. President Qiu also expressed the hope that they would continue the excellent tradition of scholarship and profound cultural spirit of Tsinghua, and pioneer a better future for the whole world thereby.

Su Shu, the graduate representative and President of the Graduate Union, and He Kebin, Dean of the School of Environment, also extended congratulations to the students in their speeches.

Registration for new graduates took place the preceding day. Tsinghua President Qiu Yong and Tsinghua Vice President Yang Bin greeted and talked with the new students.

By Guo Lili