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Opening Ceremony for New Undergraduates Held

Opening Ceremony for New Undergraduates Held

The Opening Ceremony for new undergraduates in 2017 was held at Tsinghua on August 24th. Nearly 3,800 new students attended the ceremony and embarked on a new life journey at Tsinghua.

In his address, President Qiu Yong extended his congratulations and welcome to the students and expressed the hope that they could realize their life goals at Tsinghua University. President Qiu expressed the hope that the new students could learn to appreciate the beauty of art and nature, feel the joy of science, and pursue the beauty of human nature throughout their entire lives.

Li Qiufu, an undergraduate representative and President of the Student Union, and Associate Professor Deng Junhui from the Department of Computer Science and Technology also extended congratulations to the students in their speech.

A total of 53 principals of middle schools were invited to attend the ceremony.

By Guo Lili