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AUA Joint Statement Announced

AUA Joint Statement Announced

The Asian Universities Alliance Founding Assembly and the first AUA Summit were held in Beijing on April 29th. A joint statement from 15 AUA founding universities was announced.


29 April 2017

  We, the leaders of the undermentioned fifteen Asian universities, assembled at Tsinghua University on the 29th of April 2017, hereby declare the establishment of the Asian Universities Alliance, to be acknowledged as AUA.

  We are united, in the spirit of the AUA Constitution, to jointly address regional and global challenges, specifically related to higher education and economic, scientific and technological development, by strengthening collaboration among member institutions.

  We believe that higher education will play an increasingly important role in future Asian societies and that economic globalization has made openness the trend of higher education. AUA will embrace that trend by building closer ties both among member universities and with universities outside AUA. Together, we will play a more significant role in world higher education.

  On this historic occasion of the establishment of AUA, we agree to support each member to better achieve its institutional goals, to become more competitive in Asia and in the world, and to become more responsive to calls of our communities. To achieve that, AUA will

  1) promote mobility of students, scholars and staff among all members;

  2) strengthen research collaboration and joint innovation;

  3) establish high-level dialogues and forums to discuss higher education strategies and policies;

  4) compile and publish annual reports on Asian higher education.

  We, the leaders of the AUA founding institutions will ensure that the agenda, approved by the AUA Board Meeting 2017, will be implemented, so as to turn today’s expectations into tomorrow’s outcomes.

Issued by

Chulalongkorn University

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

King Saud University

National University of Singapore

Nazarbayev University

Peking University

Seoul National University

Tsinghua University

United Arab Emirates University

Universitas Indonesia

University of Colombo

University of Malaya

The University of Tokyo

University of Yangon