Centenary Celebration

Tsinghua opens New Tsinghua Xue Tang and University History Museum

 By Patricia Conceicao, Special to the Tsinghua News Center

Under the commemmoration of Tsinghua 100-year Anniversary, a ceremony was recently held to open both the New Tsinghua Xue Tang and the University History Museum, two of the landmark buildings for the university’s centenary celebration. Eight personalities were invited to cut the red ribbons at the inauguration of these new buildings. 

Jia Chunwang, former Procurator-General of the Supreme People Procuratorate, Tsinghua University President Gu Binglin, Tsinghua University Council Chairman Hu Heping, the former alumna and main sponsor of Tsinghua History Museum Chao Weiguo, among other leaders, sponsors and researchers have first give a brief speech.

The new Tsinghua Xue Tang is considered to be the most emblematic construction opened during the centenary of the university. It can hold over 2,000 people, and is the largest comprehensive auditorium on campus with the most advanced facilities.

The Tsinghua History Museum covers a construction area of 5060m2. A collection of old documents, pictures, artworks, maps, graphics, videos and music tells the visitors the history of Tsinghua University. The exhibition also pays tribute to talented people who contributed to the prestige and development of the institution. The use of multimedia is remarkable, inviting visitors of different ages to learn more about Tsinghua.

(Photo by Guo Haijun)