Centenary Celebration

Tsinghua Hosts International Sculpture Exhibition

By Jiang Li, Special to Tsinghua News Center

Tsinghua is currently hosting "Tsinghua University Centennial - Shui Mu Tsinghua "An International Sculpture Exhibition on Campus", a collection of 100 major sculptures. The exhibition opened on April 9th and will conclude on May 9th.

The collecting of these works began on started on April 20, 2010. Within two months, Tsinghua had received 897 works by nearly 450 sculptors from 32 countries. A total of 100 works have been selected for the exhibition. It advocates the perfect combination and interaction of "art and science", which is an important academic activity and a campus culture project. The exhibition showcases a trend in international contemporary campus sculpture and seeks to develop a new mode of contemporary international campus art.

(Photo by Guo Haijun)