Centenary Celebration

Picture News

    Tsinghua campus at night[2015-12-25]

    Snow of 2015[2015-11-25]

    The Tsinghua Campus in Autumn[2015-10-29]

    12th Tsinghua Student Cultural Festival[2015-04-25]

    The Tsinghua Campus in Spring[2015-04-07]

    Spring Snow[2015-03-10]

    The Tsinghua Campus in Spring[2014-03-06]

    Tsinghua Celebrates 102nd Anniversary[2013-04-29]

    Spring's Snow Covers Tsinghua Campus[2013-03-20]

    First Snow of 2012[2012-11-06]

    The 3rd Art and Science International Ex...[2012-11-05]

    Art Exhibition of Du Dakai[2012-09-21]

    Graduation Exhibition[2012-06-11]

    Tsinghua Celebrates 101th Anniversary[2012-05-05]

    Indonesian President Awarded Tsinghua Ho...[2012-04-01]

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