Centenary Celebration

17:48, September 07, 2010

In order to encourage doctoral students to contently study and conduct research as well as to enhance doctoral students’ capabilities in scientific research and innovation, Tsinghua University has decided to establish a doctoral scholarship program for freshmen in 2011. The scholarship will be awarded to 100 students each year, providing them with 30,000 yuan each.

The doctoral scholarship is established for full-time, academic-based, non-commissioned and non-directional doctoral freshmen in all majors and the reward proportion will focus on basic subjects such as literature, history, philosophy, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

Colleges and departments will comprehensively evaluate profiles and test scores of candidates and the qualified students will be approved by the leading group of the Postgraduate Admissions Office. Therefore, candidates do not need to submit applications. The list of winners will be released to the public on the Web sites of colleges and departments and on the postgraduate admissions Web site of Tsinghua University.

Doctoral students who receive the scholarships can also receive other scholarships during school study. Just like other doctoral students, they can also apply for tuition remission and part-time jobs as assistant instructors, assistant researchers, or management assistants. The can also receive the Academic Newcomer Award, subsidies for attending international conferences, scholarships for comprehensive performance and others.

By Zhang Qian, People's Daily Online