Centenary Celebration

Tsinghua x-lab Launched

Tsinghua University recently launched its x-lab. Tsinghua University Council Chairman Hu Heping and Professor Xue Qikun, President Assistant and Director of the Office of Scientific R&D of Tsinghua, as well as Deans or representatives of over ten Tsinghua schools including the School of Economics and Management, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Sciences, the School of Information Science and Technology, the Academy of Arts and Design, the School of Medicine, the School of Aerospace, the School of Environment, the School of Architecture, the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the School of Public Policy and Management, and the Department of Engineering Physics, attended the event and co-launched the x-lab, an innovative interdisciplinary educational platform aimed at cultivating talents for entrepreneurship and innovation at Tsinghua University. The 2013 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum was held the same day. 

University Chairman Hu noted that the rapid development in technology and the continuously renewed pattern of knowledge acquisition have brought tremendous challenges to all universities in the world. Tsinghua x-lab will break the walls between branches of learning and inspire the students to combine the merits of different subjects and foster innovations. The establishment of Tsinghua x-lab is a big step in exploring a new model for educating top talents.


QIAN Yingyi, Dean of the School of Economics and Management, defined x-lab as a new attempt in exploring innovative educational models. Explaining the meaning of “x-lab”, Dean QIAN said that “x” signifies the unknown and the future as well as a “cross” between branches of learning, while “lab” means experiential learning and teamwork.

More than 40 alumni entrepreneurs, seasoned investors are invited as the first cohort of “Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR)” or “Angels in Residence (AiR)” of “Tsinghua x-lab”. “EiR” and “AiR” will support students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

(From School of Economics and Management)